team roster 2012

Instead of randomly assigning you into teams (which will likely make you unhappy and and give you excuses for your poor performance),

    • I will leave it to yourselves to decide whom you would like to team up with.

  • I need your preference info by January 13 (Friday) 5pm.

    • If you don't think you can find a team to join.

          • Write to me as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any preference.

          • I will assign you to a team after the deadline.

Once you've formed a team of 4 or 5 members, elect a coordinator.

The coordinator will email me with the following info (by 5pm Friday)

    • A list of members in your team

    • The order of your preference for the "team number", e.g. 2>5>4>7>1..

      • Check the Schedule section to see which "team numbers" are associated with which cases.

      • You may want to pick the cases that interest your team the most

Team structure:

    • Section 1 (53 students) will have 7 five-member teams and 3 six-member team.

    • Section 2 (47 students) will have 7 five-member teams and 3 four-member teams.

    • Section 3 (45 students) will have 5 five-member teams and 5 four-member teams.

I may have to break up some teams in order to balance the book

    • Those who send in their lists earlier than others are less likely to be affected.

    • In any case, I will consulate the team coordinator on whom his/her team decides to drop if I need to take one member away from a team.

Team-related issues:

    • Only 25% of your final grade is related to team performance.

    • I don't consider it unfair that you are in a team in which other members are dumber than you or that you are doing most of the work while the others are free-riding.

      • In the real world, that happens most of the time, for two reasons

        • 90% of people believe they are smarter than average and that they work harder than whoever work along side them.

        • Your boss wants his dumb nephew to work along side his smartest employee so that he won't screw up too badly and can take credits from time to time.

    • Get over it and start working. Just work harder.