Case Brief

  • You can find out in the table below whether your team has earned the eligible point for a certain assignment.
  • (Y= 1 point; X = received but the quality is too bad; NR= Not received; LT = Received but late)

Case Brief Submission Status

Submission Deadline: 
  • Before the related class begins. 
  • Preferably sent in by email.
  • No hand-written notes please. That's so unprofessional.
  • Team #1 has automatically obtained 1 point for assignment #1, so that they can have more time to prepare for the first group presentation.
  • Submission status can be found at the bottom of this page. 
Your Task:
  • Write a 3-page Case Brief for each of the10 selected Cases.
    • Check the Schedule section to find out the cases for which a write-up is required.
  • Style: Times New Roman font 12. Double-spaced.
  • Don't write more than 3.5 pages and don't write less than 2.75 pages.
    • You don't need a ruler. Use your common sense.
How are they going to be graded?
  • They will not always be read by the instructor. 
  • Grading is not based on quality, but quantity.
    • You get 1 point for each write-up submitted on time.
    • Unless you copy and paste paragraphs and paragraphs from the case material or Internet. 
  • Theoretically you can fool me by copying and pasting any rubbish into the text.
    • But I will randomly sample and read.
      • Trust but verify -- Ronald Reagan.
  • A positive impression on me is always valuable. A negative impression has opposite effects.
    • In business it is known as the halo effect: a cognitive bias whereby the perception of one trait is influenced by the perception of another trait of that person or object.
      • e.g. iPod has had positive effects on people's perception of Apple's other products.
Why do I want you to do this?
  • It is meant to help you better understand the case.
    • Watching TV makes you dumb
    • Writing makes you smart.
  • It allows me to track your learning progress and to help you.
  • You can rotate the work among team members. 
    • However, all team members share the same grade.
What are you expected to write?
  • Check the Cases section for the suggested questions.
  • Write down whatever has been passing your mind while you think about the case.
  • 3 pages are not enough for answering all the questions. Pick those you think are important.
What if you don't know where to start?
  • Check the Cases section for the suggested questions.
  • Read the case from cover to cover.
  • Jot down some notes and bulletin points as you read.
  • Read the questions again.
    • Check the Cheat Sheet if you don't understand why a certain question is relevant.
  • Read your own notes.
  • Start writing.
  • Did I tell you that the briefs will not be graded based on quality?
    •  unless you simply copy and past texts from the case material or internet.
  • So don't worry about writing down any of your thoughts.